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Drug abuse is a serious problem within mainland China, with national statistics indicating a population of 785,000 drug users in 2005. Mainland sociologists say that for each arrested drug user, ten more abusers remain unidentified. The recorded number of drug abusers in the mainland in 2005 alone has surpassed the total population of Hong Kong.

Our board of directors understands that while physical dependence on drugs can be controlled, emotional dependence on substances is much more difficult to overcome. Many drug addicts resume abuse within six months after rehabilitation.

To address this, CDTM has partnered with the Guangzhou Yangcheng Jin Bu Huan Committee (廣州羊城「金不換工程」組委會) to establish “Excel Farm,” a facility which provides custodial life skills training for rehabilitated drug abusers. The project aims to help former drug abusers re-examine their values and learn to survive in community settings, paving the way for them to completely recover and re-enter society.


About Excel Farm

“Excel Farm” is located in a village of Zengcheng near Guangzhou, occupying an area of 200 mu. The facility encompasses a fruit orchard, fish pond, vegetable field, basketball courts etc., providing an ideal environment for renewing the body and the mind.

Training approach

  1. The facility is located far away from the city to provide trainees a peaceful environment where they can learn and grow without distraction.
  2. “Excel Farm” provides a loving, caring home environment where trainees can feel accepted. Individualized counseling and care help uplift the trainees’ spirits and alleviate their emotional burdens.  Successful case studies of former abusers help boost the trainees’ confidence and motivation in the rehabilitation process.
  3. A regimented daily schedule helps trainees learn to self discipline and steers them away from a self-centered attitude. Timely and appropriate praise and encouragement help create a healthy level of confidence.
  4. Tasks on the farm and day-to-day responsibilities strengthen their bodies and mind, and help drive in them a sense of responsibility.  Other light tasks also cultivate patience and an eye for details.
  5. Varied teaching methods effectively arouse the trainees’ interest in learning, and enhance their skills in analytical thinking, listening, observation, understanding, as well as questioning, participation and expression. In the process, students learn more about themselves and make lasting, positive changes to their attitudes, beliefs, actions, values and goals.
  6. Living in a group setting, trainees learn to become more selfless and tolerant. Their interpersonal and communication skills are enhanced, and they develop a willingness to help, even give unselfishly, for their peers.
  7. Individuals and groups visiting the “Excel Farm” let trainees experience what it is like to be loved and cared for. Visits also help trainees improve their communication skills and widen their horizons.
  8. Help trainees establish a healthy self image and develop the courage to face any situations or challenges.  Teach them to accept the things they cannot change, courage to change the things they can, and wisdom to know the difference.
  9. Based on individual progress, we provide guidance to trainees approaching graduation; set life goals and help them live out their potential.
  10. Improve the quality of their lives through participation in recreation and sports. Through community service and outings, they can also learn about a healthier lifestyle.



Program particulars
Individual counseling

Experienced counselors and former drug abusers provide guidance and counseling to trainees.

Individual meditation

Trainees are encouraged to spend time alone and meditate on life lessons learned, and make new goals.

Group activities
Through group activities, class sessions and interaction with their peers, they learn social skills, reformulate their values and progress towards recovery.

Continuing education

Trainees may participate in a variety of daily classes, including guitar, English, applied computer skills, etc.

Job skills training
Aside from agricultural skills training, they may also sharpen vocational skills such as woodcraft, maintenance, heat transfer skills, etc.

Physical tasks
Through daily routine and physical chores like planting, farming, gardening, construction and other arrangements, trainees develop a sense of responsibility and conscientiousness.

We provide recreational activities such as reading, music, basketball, table tennis, fishing, watching movies, hiking, and visits for them to interact with one another in a healthy, holistic way.

Our instructors routinely contact or visit graduates of Excel Farm to help them adjust to their new lives, and to provide support to the graduates’ families.

Admission Requirements
All drug abusers who are determined to kick their bad habits are welcome to join the training program. Duration is one year, and all are expected to keep the rules and regulations of the Farm, and are willing to open up for counseling and teaching.

Fees are RMB600 yuan a month, which have to be pre-paid for a full year before admission. Those with financial difficulties can apply for reduction.

Zengcheng:86-20-82833004 (Excel Farm)or 13642603636 (Vivien Sung)

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