Centre for Development of Transformation Ministry International was incorporated in 1995 as a non-profit organization both in Hong Kong and the United States.

Our purpose and mission
1.    to promote drug prevention and anti-drug education
2.    to start drug rehabilitation services in needy places
3.    to build up networks among therapeutic organization and workers for support and resources sharing

Advisors (Hong Kong)
Dr. Agnes Lau
Rev. Man Chi Kwok
Dr. Kai Yam Cheung
Rev. Carver Yu

Board of Directors (Hong Kong)
Rev. Philip Chan (Singapore)
Ms. Amy Cheng
Mr. Jacob Lam
Mr. Eric Li
Mr. Allister Ng
Ms. Sharlene Ortlund
Mr. Eric Siu
Rev. Tat-Keung Tang
Rev. William Yeung

General Secretary
Ms. Vivien Sung

US Board
Mr. Paul Chan
Ms. Susanna Chu
Mrs. Elaine Fung
Mr. Daryl Jew
Mr. Eric Lau (Chairman)
Mr. Tze Leung Ng
Mr. Greg Lue
Mr. Michael Yam

Accountant – Ms. Patty Li


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